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Un-cluttering the Mind

by Kim Lentros

Losing weight.
When we hear these words it conjures up images of fast food, low-fat food, or maybe weight loss centers. All of these images indicate physical weight. However, what tends to slow us down, make us tired and reach for that second cup of coffee isn’t necessarily our physical weight; it’s our emotional weight.

Your pant size, or the numbers on your scale doesn’t determine emotional weight. The amount of clutter in your mind that prevents you from making the decisions that make you feel good and your heart happy determine it. We go along on autopilot, checking off our to-do lists and trying to meet the commitments we’ve made to other people.

In the daily shuffle we tend to put our commitments to ourselves at the bottom of our to-do list. Whether it is jaded by self-judgment that it is somehow wrong to make yourself a priority, or we’ve just over-committed our time not leaving the time for ourselves, our emotional “weight” pays the price. Even if your pants fit great and your scale is right where you want it to be, it doesn’t mean you don’t still feel “heavy”. Fatigue, joint pain, and headaches are some examples of how our bodies tell us – enough! Enough of the extra weight on your mind; the weight that doesn’t allow you to check in with how you are.

Sometimes we are able to give so much to others because it feels good; it makes us so happy to bring joy to others. There is absolutely nothing wrong with bringing happiness to the world, as long as you are one of those people you are bringing happiness to. Sometimes we create physical weight to give ourselves extra layers of emotional “protection”. We live further away from our own feelings because they have become “too heavy” to carry on a small frame. Many times in order to address physical weight, the burden of emotional weight also needs to be addressed. By freeing your mind of the clutter, you allow yourself the space to make decisions that make you feel good, inside and out.

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