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It Started With a Drawer Full of Memories

by Lynn Caspe

There are many things about assemblage that I am drawn to.  First and foremost, I am driven to create.  I also love the challenge of making something meaningful and, in the case of my animals, representative, out of an odd assortment of junk.  


My first assemblage was a life-size replica of my dog, Mickey.  I had been collecting family travel souvenirs, my daughters’ hand-made treasures, special trinkets, broken jewelry, old belts and anything that I felt held some significance to our collective memories.  Finally, in 2006, I was eager to begin the project that I had been planning in my mind over many years. 


This past December, Mickey died, but his life-size likeness keeps his memory alive.  


I was just commissioned to make a Tang Dynasty horse replica with another family’s drawer full of memories.  To me, this is a very special challenge, and one I’ve wanted to take on since completing my own memory animal.  It makes me happy to think I am making a special object that will prominently display family memorabilia, and which might even become a treasured family heirloom!

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My studio is located at the Holliston Mill.
Lynn Caspe

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Thanks for allowing me this opportunity to talk about my work! Just one thing, the dog assemblage in the photograph is Bowzer, not Mickey. Thanks again, Lynn

Lynn Caspe | 2009-06-10 09:35:43