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Meet Some of the Celebrate Holliston Sponsors: Part 1: Ahronian Landscaping

by Theresa Lamkin

Celebrate Holliston is proudly in its 27th year of celebration!  It is a completely volunteer based organization whose goal is to raise money for the town while promoting unity and town pride.  It is one of the longest standing, if not the longest standing, volunteer run events in town.  Celebrate Holliston also holds the huge responsibility of the town’s birthday parties.  We hosted the 275th with amazing fanfare and are planning equally large festivities for the 300th! 

We could never meet our goals without the support of our amazing sponsors!  Each year we put out a simple request to the community:  Who will give Celebrate Holliston financial support?  And through all types of economic conditions, the supporters turn out. 

This year, we would like to profile a few of those sponsors and let them explain to you, in their own words, why they chose to support our event and what Holliston means to them.

PLATINUM sponsor Ahronian Landscaping 

Ahronian is a long standing and well-respected landscape and design company based in Holliston and owned by the Ahronian Family.  Mark and Linda Ahronian have been at the heart of Holliston’s volunteer and community support network for as long as anyone can remember. 

Here is a bit about their community involvement in their own words:

Ahronian Landscaping and Design is a landscape design installation company. We focus on plantings, walkup patios and stone walls.  We’ve been serving Holliston for 32 years.

We’ve been sponsoring Celebrate Holliston for over 10 years.  We feel that Celebrate Holliston is a good vehicle for getting community projects done.

Why do we love Holliston?  Holliston is a close-knit community of volunteers that care deeply about our town.



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The Blue ribbon winning Holliston Kazooers NEED more people to KAZOO with us! The comfy hay bales on the Mayo Industries flat bed are awaiting you. If you can hum, you can kazoo. Kazoos are provided. Your commitment is for 1.5 hours on Sat the 21st from 8:20 til 9:35. Please contact Toni Clark if you want to join in the fun!

toni clark | 2019-09-14 12:36:31