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Police Log for Week of September 1- 7, 2019

by Paul Saulnier

September 1, 2019:

00:49, Noise complaint, Dorset; NGOA (noise gone on arrival).

01:00, Vehicle stop with arrest, Ashland & Winter; Ashland resident for OUI liquor, negligent operation, lights violation (the driver was lit up more than the car), marked lanes violation and a warrant. Note HR will no longer publish the names of miscreants per order of the publisher.

Noise complaint, Pet Meadows; neighbor complaining about dogs barking to excess and has called the town hall and ACO previously. HPD observed dogs in outside pens with limited barking (one man's limited barking can soon become another man's Chinese water torture).

Animal incident, Concord & High; so this bizzare incident started with the report of a car stopped in the road with all four doors open. Soon a puppy was found along with two people with dog bites. Eventually the hired dog watcher showed up at HPD to claim the dog.

September 2:

Suspicious activity, Quincy; US Census calling. HPD confirmed caller's ID. They will be in the area between August 4 and October 18 (be sure to list your dogs. That might get Holliston one more congressman.)

September 3:

Disturbance 79 Hollis; physical altercation between neighbors (Jasper Adams would be miffed: ).

September 4:

Vehicle stop with arrest, 550; Northboro resident on a warrant.

Vehicle stop with arrest, 233 Woodland; Woonsocket, RI resident on a warrant.

Vehicle stop with arrest, 19 Pleasant; Uxbridge resident for operating with a suspended license, unregistered vehicle, uninsured vehicle, failure to stop/yield and a warrant.

Check prisoner.

Animal incident, 495 Central; car versus deer. Hwy called (you know what that means: fire up the barbie).

Noise complaint, Westfield; loud generator. Needed to run the pump to drain the culvert.

September 5:

Scam, Robert; caller said that Social Security called to inform resident that her Social Securiy has been cancelled (rob a bank and get 10 years of free room & board and HBO).

Road hazard, Norfolk; truck lost a load of lumber.

Crash, Washington & Winter; Boylston bumps into Holliston,

September 6:

Crash, 1296; Sherborn bumps into Holliston.

Crash, 59 Hollis; Hollistonians leave out the neighbors. Hometown Automotive put the hook on both.

September 7:

Larceny, Washington; caller gave his tractor to someone to fix it and now that person won't give it back.

Animal incident, 576 Highland; car versus deer. Fire up the barbie.

During the reporting period, 51 citations and 27 warnings were issued. Five erratic drivers were reported and dispatchers logged 361 calls.



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The barbie was busy this week and I liked the thoughts about mosquitoes. I hope the mosquitoes don't get to upset with me.

JEAN MORRISSEY | 2019-09-10 08:03:20