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The Wall Rolls Through to Bellingham

by Chris Cain

If you weren't downtown around 3:45 Tuesday afternoon, this is what you didn't get to see - yet.

The sound of sirens from the police motorcyle escort alerted everyone to the arrival of the convoy.  Local and State Police mounted officers guided the precious cargo safely along its journey from Wayland to Bellingham.

Prior to the truck's arrival there was some speculation that the procession would be slowed down by the downtown lights.  HPD officers were posted at strategic locations along Washington Street to ensure that the convoy kept on truckin'.  (Meaning that people taking pictures had to be quick on the button.)

Member of the Holliston Veterans community turned out to salute the tribute to the 58,000 lives lost during the Vietnam war.

Hundreds of motorcycles, many with the Patriot Guard Riders, escorted the Wall.  The sound was deafening at times.  Following the motorcycles were a contingent of other vehicles.  Below are two vehicles used by our troops in Vietnam; a swamp buggy and the venerable deuce-and-a-half.

Many citizens - not just from Holliston - joined in welcoming the procession.

Lest we forget, all who served from Holliston are honored at the Town Hall - three of whom have their names inscribed on The Vietnam Memorial wall.

The poster below provides details about when and where the Wall that Heals may be viewed while it's in Bellingham.

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