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National Night Out Gets A Crowd Out!

by Chris Cain

National Night Out was first established in 1984 by Matt Peskin of the National Association of Town Watch.

National Night Out 2019 is about the 'fifth or sixth year that Holliston PD has hosted the event,' according to SGT Ken Belson who organized this year's event. 

Living near Goodwill Park it was really easy to hear when it was time to venture over to take in the array of police vehicles and equipment and interact with the HPD officers and Command Staff on hand.  Chief Stone has stated on several ocassions that community interaction is a key component of an HPD officer's job.  Tuesday night was an excellent example.

Not only was HPD participating, two members of Ashland's PD brought over some of their emergency vehicles. 

Also, making its debut was the Holliston Fire Department's brand new UTV rescue vehicle - excellent for use on the Upper Charles Rail Trail.

And . . . the Holliston Park and Recreation department provided a musical backdrop (when you could hear the blues over the sirens).  Jumpin' Juba played along until the guitar player broke strings on both his instruments!

As often happens during the summer concerts there is likely to be a game of soccer going on.  On NNO it was Officer Charles Grace in goal while his colleagues encouraged the players to 'take their best shot.'  Officer Grace, in his street clothes and service belt, acquitted himself well.

At a safe distance, Officer Todd Hagan and his K-9 partner watched over the crowd.

A big thank you to the Holliston Police Department and the Park and Recreation Department for making this a very special Night Out.

Ben Furey and Dylan and Gavin Woodhouse did some hard time in "The Cell" - their crime - Having TOO Much Fun!