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Environmental Help Desk Tip for Week of August 5, 2019

by Utah Nickel

Publishers' Note: You may have noticed a change in the title of this article.  We consulted with our friends at the Upper Charles Climate Action group about expanding the title to cover the wide range of topics they provide us.  We feel that the word Environmental Help Desk better refects these tips - they are more than about energy - they are about keeping our environment clean.

Natural Pesticides Protect both Plants and the Environment

Americans use 80 million pounds of pesticides a year.  These chemicals pose threats to animals, insects and people, especially children. 

As an alternative, buy organic pest controllers such as diatomaceous earth.  Better yet, plant native plants and practice integrated pest management.  Many plants and flowers act as natural pesticides. 

Ask your garden center what plants, and combination of plants promote pest control without harming useful insects and animals.  A quick online search produces many natural pesticide options you can make at home.


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