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Splashing with Josh and the Jamtones

by Chris Cain

There was a heat advisory in effect during Tuesday's concert at Goodwill Park.  You wouldn't have guessed that if you just watched Josh (grey shirt, below) and the horde of young children running, dancing, and splashing.

In fact one of the tunes played by Josh and The Jamtones was called 'Snow Day.'  The young ones got right into the swing of 'winter' by using the colorful scarves seen above as 'snow flakes.'  One participant went so far as to lay down and make a snow angel - what wonderful imagination!

Josh and his crew were slightly upstaged by the main attraction - cool refreshing water - and lots of it!  Because of the hot weather predicted, the Park and Rec Department provided a water slide and splashing pool.  The line for the slide was long and orderly throughout the evening.

Making sure that everyone was safe in the water were Mark Frank, Park and Rec Director and his son Teddy.  Clearly Mark was located in the splash zone as he was soaked from head to foot.

Another indicator of the temperature were the lines at the food and ice cream trucks.  By far, the line at TC Scoops showed where peoples' taste buds and body temperatures were focused.   One of the exotic flavors available was bubblegum ice cream - yum?!

Another great event brought to our community by our Parks and Recreation department.  Thank you.