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Police Log for Week of July 21 - 27, 2019

by Paul Saulnier

July 21, 2019:

Four citations and call it a day.

July 22:

Crash, Washington & Hopping Brook; Cambridge driver versus guard rail (look on the bright side - you could have ended up bathing in Weston Pond).

July 23:

Animal incident, Robert Road; report of a deceased animal in the brook (if you are missing an animal, check the brook).

Traffic complaint, High; tractor trailers using the road in spite of the weight limit (on the truck, not the driver).

6:30 PM, Suspicious activity, Town Hall; car idling in the parking lot with someone asleep inside .

K 9 training, 79 Lowland; article/evidence training.

July 24:

Parking complaint, Central; caller of business reports that 3 cars belonging to employees of other businesses are parking all day in the 2-hour limit spaces. License plate numbers given to HPD.

Repo Man on Washington took two vehicles.

Traffic enforcement, Pleasant & Mechanic (hazard pay?).

Vehicle stop with summons, Washington & Hollis; Joao Rodrigues Zanetti of Holliston for 90-10

July 25:

Complaint, Recycling Center; Hwy reports excessive piles of trash outside the gate. They fished through the trash and found a letter addresed to someone on Regency. HPD called the the person who agreed to come to the scene of the crime and pick up the trash (Officer Obie Award to HWY Dept.)

Larceny, Central; report of two bicycles stolen: red Schwinn man's mountain bike and a blue woman's mountain bike.

Noise complaint, Marshall; report of sounds like a female screaming and a dog barking. HPD reports hearing a coyote calling.

July 26:

Crash, Dunks; Holliston versus someone from Edenville, AZ. 

K 9 training, 201 Summer.

Animal incident, Travis; dog by the name of Eva missing. Found in the home (what a relief).

Larceny, Union; four more bikes stolen.

July 27:

Animal incident, HPD; loose dog from High Street turned into HPD. ACO notified.

Animal incident, Norfolk; another loose dog reunited with it's owner (starting to sound like a canine soap opera).

Crash, 39 Woodland; car versus tree. No details.

During the reporting period, 31 citations and 18 warnings were issued. Two erratic drivers were reported. Dispatchers logged 327 calls.


Millenials can't get good help these days:


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If People don't care enough to drive respectfully why would we expect them to care about there dogs. Thank you to the people who do care.

JEAN MORRISSEY | 2019-07-30 05:37:41