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Breaking News from the Writers' Group

by Yvette Cain

A Writers’ Group meets monthly at Holliston’s Senior Center, each writer having composed a piece in response to a given theme.   July’s theme was “Breaking News.”  Writers may use any genre they would like.  A poem, a memoir, a personal essay, a dialogue, a short piece of fiction…whatever strikes their fancy.

Each writer prepares a copy of the prepared writing for all members.  Once copies are distributed, the writer reads it aloud.  Brief comments and reactions are shared, and then the next piece is distributed. 

The group has agreed to select one piece from each meeting that they feel exemplifies the theme and may interest a broader audience—you, our Holliston Reporter readers.

July’s offering, written by Laurie Walker, is a satirical poem.  Given the theme, it’s no wonder satire came into play…

Breaking News       A Poem by Laurie Walker

I'm here early on in the day

On my favorite chair, in my favorite way,

Pajamas, robe, and breakfast too

I've settled down to see who's who.


The news is pretty much the same,

As people do their best to maim.

They crash their cars, shoot off a gun, 

Stick knives in people one by one.


They slash and crash, shoot people dead,

Drive cars through buildings where folks are fed,

And drive into homes to watch TV?

No one is safe, not you, not me.


Politics have their own session,

You watch it all at your discretion.

Keep it cool, hope some good will show

But nothing's new, you already know.


The time goes by with no change in view,

All the same, not one thing is new,

But wait, what's this that's come into range?

It's BREAKING NEWS, well that's a change.


I watch, with bated breath with-held.

I watch to see the story they tell.

What gruesome tale could make such a fuss?

Oh no, it's Brady smiling back at us.

He's come to say with such despair,

How much their playing needs repair,

The game went badly and was a mess,

But tomorrow will be a great success.


They know now what they didn't do,

They'll make it right for me and you,

A tear slides down his cheek, two views,

Can you believe this is our BREAKING News


So beware the promise of breaking news,

Don't get excited or in a stew,

It's usually not a war or crime,

Probably just Tom wasting your time.


Breaking News, it's breaking news,

I find it very hard to excuse,

What with murder rape and wars and crime, 

Why does Brady waste my time?

Are you tempted to try your own response to this theme?  How different might your ideas or perspective be?  The possibilities are endless…why not give it a try?

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Kudos Laurie!

Ellin Austin | 2019-07-31 15:36:33