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Holliston In Bloom's Third Floral Display Award

by Paul Saulnier

Although both John and Deb Moore worked on the yard Deb gives John the credit for most of the hard work and continued care.

Frustrated at the decimation of their gardens by the herd of deer that call Pinecrest Golf Course home, John has fenced in most of the beds.

John has found a mulch/compost that he says eliminates weeds, preserves soil moisture and kills insect larvae like Japanese Beetles by generating temperatures over 100 degrees as it decomposes. Pictured above left, the mulch is made from horse manure and wood chips.

Some beds have plants not favored by deer and remain unfenced.

Two favorite day lillies in the garden are Alabama Jubilee, above, and Wall of Fire, below. There are over 30 varieties of day lillies in the Moore's garden.

When one large Oak tree with two large leaders on town property next to their driveway had to be taken down, town workers responded to the Moore's dismay by carving a heart into the stump of one while Deb then fashioned a collar around the second stump (below) to create a beautiful planter holding Proven Winners Bubblegum petunias.

As though maintaining all these beds at home wasn't enough garden time, the Moores also plant and maintain ALL the plants at the golf course, even the individual plantings at each hole. WHAT??????????  Many of these plants were transplanted from their own gardens.

Thank you John for all your efforts to keep HOLLISTON IN BLOOM.

Comments (8)

Dear Deb and John: Thanks so much for sharing your passion and gardentin skill with the town of Holliston at the Pinecrest Golf Course. I enjoy seeing your work every time I pass. Thanks Paul for featuring them with such gorgeous photographs- nothing tells a story better than a picture. We residents are so lucky to have you all. Carol

Carol Meritt | 2019-08-28 16:40:26

Those pesky residents of the Pinecrest Deer Sanctuary do like the food we grow for there dining pleasure!

Don Yokes | 2019-08-14 07:46:48

Great job as always John & Deb! Your yard looks great and the golf course always looks great thanks to you!! When you have some spare time, we need a gardening consultant over our house.

Alan Lisak | 2019-08-13 08:13:59

Sarah G would be proud of you

Dick Goguen | 2019-08-12 13:31:56

That is not only an awesome story, but great photos as well. Made my day! I know the work it takes to maintain such plantings. Kudos.

John Locke | 2019-08-12 07:20:21

Good job Capt!

Bill N | 2019-08-11 09:36:53

How perfect!! John Moore and his "co-hort" and inspiration, Deb, are among the best of the best gardeners! Truly, the work they do at the Golf Course is amazing and we are so lucky to have their service. Your home gardens look lovely, John and Deb. I'm SO glad that you received this award!

Mary Greendale | 2019-08-11 06:42:05

It's a pleasure to drive by the entrance of the golf course and marvel all your hard work.

Dave Dubin | 2019-08-11 04:08:26