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Morse Code Delivers the Music

by The Publishers

The opening tune covered by 'Morse Code' was "Moon Dance" by Van Morrison.  With the full moon above, it was a marvelous night for some classic tunes.

The band, from Bellingham, formed about five years ago and as the band's spokesperson said, 'by now we've worked out most of the kinks.  Indeed they have. 

The line for Asian street food was steady throughout the performance.  The smell of the food wafted across the park adding a little spice to evening.

A weekly favorite, TC Scoops from Medway, provided the cooling treats on this steamy night.

For those who preferred to 'attend' the concert via live video, Bruce Gilfoy from HCAT, provided the livestream on Facebook.  Those watching at home probably were sitting in an air-conditioned space.  Imagine wearing ear muffs like Bruce wore on such a sticky night!

People get to the park, on foot, by car, and on bicycles.  Those on bikes found a handy bike rack along Green Street.  

Most riders came to enjoy the music.  SGT Dalrymple came to work (and he admitted, enjoy the music of his era)

We want to join Mark Frank in thanking the sponsors of the Holliston's Summer Concert series.  It will be quite a while until "Moon Dance" stops playing in my head - and that's a good thing.

Next week's concert features the blues band 'Lights Out.'