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Civics Sunday: A Holliston Tradition

by The Publishers

Today's Civics Sunday installment features a Holliston tradition that has been rekindled thanks to the efforts of three energetic women.

"Back in the day," Jim Read shared, "the annual block party in Mudville was the highlight of the social season."  His wife, Lyra, Claire Toohey, and Gennie Guellnitz have brought the party back to life - for the second year which means it's 'trending.'

This year the party kicked off with bike decorarting in advance of the hugely popular Bike Parade.

The seats above served as the 'reviewing stand' for the Parade.

While some events have an EMT standing by, below you see the First Aid station for this party.  The only item used was the bug spray!

New this year was 'Street Bocce' which was hand-crafted by Pete Guellnitz.  The residents of Pleasant Street are hopeful that the new paving design planned for next spring will provide a very flat smooth surface Pete's court.

Even though there was a giant 'Jenga' game down the street, the little ones in attendance found it great fun to stack the checkers.  The creativity of young minds is just amazing.

What party would be complete without food and drink?  Hot dogs, hamburgers, chips, corn on the cob, soft drinks and water were available for a very reasonable 'donation.'

Adults found their way to the Tiki bar (with a new top) where they, for another reasonable donation, could partake in some of Jack's best work.

Of course, after dinner, it's time for dessert.  The pie eating contest is a messy and fun part of the day.  Several adults were eager to chow down - but alas they were disqualified due to their big mouths.

A local band, 'Driftwood' entertained the audience for hours with excellent covers of popular tunes from years gone by.

No party is official unless there are dignitaries.  Mudville's Mayor was on hand, seen here talking with Carolynn Henderson who was visiting Mudville from way up on Phipps Hill.

Most folks know that Bobby is not one to make speeches (that's why he was invited!), that doesn't mean that he doesn't make a splash.  Seen below, the Mayor found himself sitting on the ground after the first chair he sat in had an epic fail.

Speaking of seats, the organizers thought of everything.  A shining fresh 'Throne Room' was delivered just for the party goers.  Given the rental fee, many residents plan to take full advantage of this 'opportunity' while it lasts.

The party was a HUGE success.  Thank you Claire, Lyra, and Gennie for bringing back one of the things that makes Holliston, Hollyrock!