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Movies With a Message

by Karen Maki


Friday Night Flicks Returns to First Congregational Church
“Movies with a Message” Prove Popular with Local Youth
HOLLISTON –   The First Congregational Church’s Youth Fellowship Program is pleased to announce the return of Friday Night Flicks, a popular forum for junior and senior high students to watch and discuss “movies with a message.”
On October 3rd (6:30 p.m. – 8:00 p.m.), the new Friday Night Flicks season kicks off with “Let’s Get Real,” a documentary about the issues that lead to bullying in our schools including racial and religious differences, learning disabilities, physical appearance, social class and perceived sexual orientation. This award-winning film gives young people – both the targeted kids and those who lash out at their peers – a chance to share their stories in their own words, and the results are often heart-breaking, shocking and inspiring.
“We thought this was the perfect film to usher in the new school year,” explained Karen Maki, youth fellowship coordinator. “I’m glad our first movie is taking on such a big issue, and more importantly, that it’s giving such a strong message to our kids about the need for tolerance, kindness and compassion.” 
Maki noted that the one of the goals of Friday Night Flicks is to raise youth awareness of social justice issues. To date, the program has featured documentaries about the Holocaust, homelessness and the struggles of immigrant families in the United States. It has also included some lighter theme nights, such as a showing of the baseball movie “The Sandlot” with free hot dogs and cracker jacks to celebrate the Red Sox season opener.
 “We tried mixing in more mainstream movies last year, “said Maki, “but truthfully, the documentaries were better received. We found the kids wanted something more to sink their teeth into, something more to think about and to talk about together.”
Corey Gernes, a seventh grader who Maki calls “one of the Friday Night faithful,” agrees.
“I like Friday Night Flicks a lot. It gives me the chance to hang out with my friends and watch movies I probably wouldn’t watch on my own,” said Gernes.
 Maki noted that the movies, which are shown at the church on the first Friday of each month, help fill the void of youth activities in Holliston. “Kids can go out on a Friday night, and their parents know they’re involved in something close to home that’s safe and fun.”
For more information about Friday Night Flicks, or to learn more about other youth fellowship programs at the First Congregational Church, please contact Karen Maki at 429-7127.