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Police Log for Week of June 9 - 15, 2019

by Paul Saulnier

June 9, 2019:

11PM, Complaint, Washington; caller reports multiple people outside throwing rocks. Additional patrols requested.

First three citations of the week issued to Holliston residents.

June 10:

Animal incident, Washington; caller complaining about a dog that is put outside every morning about 6 AM and barks continuously. ACO notified of continuing issue.

Crash, 87 Arch; caller reports small yellow school bus struck a vehicle & trailer and left the scene.

Crash. 110 Church; Woonsocket versus Holliston. Minor.

Erratic driver, Washington & Curve; report of tractor trailer losing its load. Parked awaiting a fork lift to adjust the load.

June 11:

9 AM traffic complaint, report of a Corolla driving down the Rail Trail (what else can you do when traffic is all backed up and Mudville is closed to non-residents?)

Animal incident, 365 Washington; injured turtle causing traffic delays (sometimes it's better to be the rabbit).

Fraud, Pleasant; credit card fraud.

K 9 training, 201 Summer.

June 12:

00:13 AM, noise complaint, Gretchen; report of a male "marching up and down the street yelling and cursing". Officer brought person back to his residence.

Crash, Washington & Marked Tree; Providence versus one of us. Hometown Automotive hooks one.

K 9 training, 79 Lowland and 201 Summer.

June 13:

Animal incident, 441 Highland; car versus deer.

Crash, Washington & Summer; Milford and Ashland gang up on Holliston. Someone was taken to hospital.

Crash, 550 Washington; Natick versus another one of us.

Suspicious activity, Johnson; caller reports suspicious activity at neighbor's house. HPD found men cleaning gutters (wearing masks and hoodies?).

Crash, High & Locust; Framingham versus us. No personnal injuries reported.

Erratic driver, Highland; HPD stopped the vehicle and issued a criminal complaint. Hometown Automotive took the keys and the offending vehicle.

K 9 training, 44 Boynton and 201 Summer. This K9 must have a PhD by now and could teach the course.

Complaint, Hemlock; report of a car with blue underlights racing up and down the street. Officer found the vehicle parked in a driveway with the blue underlights still on. ('nuff said).

June 14:

Animal incident, Underwood; report of black lab without and ID secured on the porch. Advised to call tha ACO (and tell her what?)

Crash, Washington & South; Medway versus Johnston, RI. Hometown takes the pair home.

Crash, Rolling Meadow; Cranston, RI versus Ashland and an argument developed.

June 15:

In preparation for Fathers Day, nothing really bad happened.

During the reporting period, 32 citations and 13 warnings were issued. Six erratic drivers were reported. Dispatchers logged 358 calls.



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Looks like an uneventful week, except for the turtle hope it is OK. I like turtles. I like uneventful weeks for our police force.

JEAN MORRISSEY | 2019-06-18 07:41:23