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173 Holliston Residents Eligible for Stimulus Package

by Bill Heuer

 Economic Stimulus Package – Many in Holliston Still Eligible

 While the Economic Stimulus Package may seem like ancient history to many of us – and even somewhat ironic in light of recent events – there are a number of Holliston residents who are entitled to the rebate and still haven’t applied for it. As of last month, the IRS reported that some 173 Hollistonians were still eligible. Furthermore, over 75% of those consist of our Senior Citizens over 65. While those on fixed incomes are often those whom could most benefit from this rebate, this high percentage is fairly consistent across the country. The predominant reason is that many over 65 no longer need to file Federal Taxes and have not done so for a number of years. Generally, their income is too low and they have no W-2 forms for which to claim refunds.
Unfortunately, filing a Federal return is the only way to receive the rebate. The rebate is worth a minimum of $300 per individual and $600 per married couple. Basic eligibility is having a Social Security number and “qualifying income” of $3000. Social Security payments count towards this qualification.
Fortunately, the deadline to file a 2007 Federal Tax form to receive the rebate is October 15 (essentially, an automatic six-month extension from April 15). Filing by the 15th will result in the Stimulus Payment being received before the end of the year.
(There will also be a final opportunity in 2009. There will be a line included on the 2008 Tax Form that will allow an eligible recipient to claim the rebate.)
If you know any seniors, please check with them to ensure that they have filed and received their rebate. I’m sure they would be very grateful to receive these funds to which they are fully entitled.