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Conservation Associates Bird Walk - This Saturday

by Mary Curran

The Holliston Conservation Associates will be hosting our nearly-annual bird walk at Waseeka Wildlife Sanctuary on Clinton Street in Hopkinton on Saturday, June 8 at 8 AM. 

Led by birders Donna and Steve Cohen, the walk will last approximately one hour.  The walk is an easy one, perhaps a mile in all, and this property is a gem. The terrain is mainly flat on a woodland path and a grass path.  We recommend long pants to guard against poison ivy and ticks; bug spray may be helpful too.  Bring binoculars if you have them.  There is a parking lot among the trees on Clinton St. (Mill St. in Holliston becomes Clinton St. in Hopkinton.)  It will be on your right if you come from the golf course end. You have passed the lot if you reach Partridge Rd.  We will not hold the walk if it is raining. 

Here is a summary written by Donna Cohen of the walk last year on June 23, 2018: Although relatively quiet for the birds, the cool temperature seemed to keep the deerflies down. Our group of eight saw many of the birds that live on the pond edges, including the pair of nesting ospreys, eastern kingbird, tree swallows, song sparrows, eastern phoebe, and many common grackles. A great blue heron flew overhead.  Green frogs were singing in the pond. Other songbirds included robins, chickadees, eastern towhee, oven birds and yellowthroat. The white pond lilies were blooming.  A painted turtle was sunning on a rock, and a very curious deer was at the end of the dam, surprisingly walking towards the group to check us out. When it finally got too close for comfort, the deer turned and leapt into the woods.

For more information, call Mary at (508) 429-5929.  We hope you will join us for the first time or again!