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Looking Back: Jets Over Holliston? (Part 2)

by Mike Raftus

John Losch said that in hindsight, the Jetport proposal may have been a diversion to enable LoganAirport to continue to expand in East Boston. Even if it was, we couldn’t take that chance. Also, if the threat of the Jetport continued, real estate values in the three towns would have been devastated. The fight was certainly successful and worthwhile.

It was interesting and even laughable (except for the seriousness of the threat) to hear and read some of the arguments put forth by Massport. At the time, the Dallas-Ft. Worth airport was under construction. Massport constantly compared building an airport in the Ashland, Hopkinton and Holliston area to building the Dallas
Airport—a ridiculous comparison!! 
To build the Hopkinton-East Jetport would require the destruction of three picturesque New England towns, removing 1,650 homes, displacing 6,250 people, leveling several hills and ridges and filling in many valleys, with millions of trees being chopped down. 
I knew that building the airport in the Dallas area was very different, even though I had never been to Texas at that time. About five years later, I made my first business trip to Dallas. As I landed at the Dallas-Ft.WorthInternationalAirport, I couldn’t help laughing. When DFW was built, they probably had to demolish two or three ranch houses, cut down about 10 trees and move a few herds of cattle. The land was flat and level—no hills and valleys to contend with.
Luckily good sense and good work by citizens and political leaders prevailed in 1970, and we still enjoy life in Holliston as we deal with today's problems such as traffic, pedestrian safety,and taxes.