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Almost A Come-from-behind Win

by Chris Cain

The cold and damp did not deter a crowd from forming to see Holliston's Finest shoot some hoops with Holliston's Bravest.

The two teams joined at half-time for a group photo.  You might notice that one of the HPD team members came on crutches.  Was there some skullduggery or chicanery before the game even started?

The half-time score showed a very lopsided contest.  Which team had only 7 points after 30 minutes of play?

During half-time, the team with 7 points held a recruiting session to supplement their bench in the second half.

Although not visible in the photo of the fire department team below, all the members wore matching shorts emblazoned with HFD.

The HPD team took a more eclectic approach to their look.

During the second half the HPD defense showed up (supplemented by the skills of Officer John Johnson's grandsons) and the game got very close.

It could have gone either way.  In the end it was HFD (hoses) defeating HPD (guns) 55-54.  Could it have been the intimidation factor of having a fire engine parked in the field house?

Thank you HFD and HPD and fans for supporting the real winners: the Lt. Shawn Moore, Off John Johnson, and Holliston Firefighters' MRA Scholarship Funds.