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The Publishers' News Year's Wishes

by The Publisher

“Local news by local people” is a mighty community task.  Impressed by the Reporter’s ability to maintain its concept of hyper-local reporting as well as its long history, we are pleased to assume its stewardship and plan for its future.

There are some very large publisher and reporter shoes to fill.  Gargantuan thank you’s are due to the people who most recently have made (and who we hope continue to make) the Reporter tick:  Bobby Blair, Paul Saulnier, Mary Greendale, Nancy Farrell, and all the community members who actively make and submit news.  Each of these neighbors has contributed much to HR’s success and longevity. 

As you may have read, we are novices on Facebook, so our interactions with this platform are nascent.  With patience, we will find our way.  But first and foremost, we’ll take a moment to thank our new neighbors for your congratulations, good wishes, encouragement, and kindnesses to us.  Your comments on the content and suggestions for news items you’d like to appear are most appreciated.  

Additionally, and perhaps most importantly, we wish you health, happiness, and lots of good news in 2019.  We are extremely humbled, yet very happy, to be a part of your daily reading.

Yvette and Chris Cain

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Comments (2)

Congratulations and welcome. I know that your predecessors can sit back and relax with the knowledge that all is in good hands. Happy New Year.

Henry Dellicker | 2019-01-01 09:41:10

Welcome! Congratulations and Good Luck! Best to you both for a successful and happy 2019.

jean howard | 2019-01-01 06:57:21