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A summer time favorite Hibiscus ( Rose of Sharon )

by Mark Ahronian

A summer time favorite Hibiscus (Rose of Sharon).                                                           
Hibiscus is a great gardeners delight!  Flowers practically all summer long!!  Very showy, and with many opportunities for outside with hardier plants, and inside with less hardy types.  Hibiscus will grow in full sun or partial shade. The hardiness zones are zone 5 to 8, so in Massachusetts we have zone seven down the cape, and zone 4 in the western part of the state. So one has to be careful since part of our state Hibiscus is not hardy enough. Here in Holliston though they do just fine.

This one in my yard is a single stem tree form which is ideal closer to a path because the branches are a bit higher for walking by. The shrub form is multi branched and is more full all the way around. This one below, Blue satin, is an example of a multi-stem .

Hibiscus comes in many colors from white to blue. Also there are single and double flower choices available.

Hey Mark, I have a Giant Hibiscus in my garden.

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I had no idea that Rose of Sharon was a type of hibiscus. Thanks for teaching me something new today!

Nancy Baron | 2018-08-06 11:44:45