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Mimosa Maiden Hair Tree

by Mark Ahronian

Mimosa grows fast usually ten feet or more a year. Because it grows fast it also can break or split easier than other trees. I have guy wired the main leaders to prevent splitting and I expect a little winter die back every year. At Spring time I prune it back to maintain a workable size as it can get as wide as it gets tall. The nature of the tree is to be arching with its branches.

The leaves are a compound leaf structure, that is many small leaves on a stem. Mimosa leaves fold or close at night opening back up in morning. In my yard it gets about thirty feet tall and about that in width. Where I have it is in a micro climate on the South easterly side of my house protected from the North wind by my house. These small protected areas of our yards allow us to plant something out of our hardiness zone in Holliston. The flowers are extremely fragrant and hairy looking, strikingly beautiful from a distance. Mimosa starts blooming right around July first and continues to bloom through out the entire summer.

Mimosa with its sweet fragrance attracts pollinators to my gardens as well as humming birds. A company in California makes perfume from the Mimosa tree. I planted it about twenty five years ago , and I can say it’s a religious bloomer blooming every year!  I find that Mimosa likes a sandy well drained soil , loves water and plenty of sun. Enjoy !!

Charlie likes it under the Mimosa Maiden Hair Tree as well.

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I have one in my back yard and have always wondered about the name. Thank you for this wonderful information. I love my mimosa maiden hair tree.

Lisa | 2018-07-17 07:50:38

Lovely- thanks for the info and photos.

Pat Fuller | 2018-07-17 05:19:18


jean morrissey | 2018-07-15 05:56:36