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Bee Garden

by Cherry Fenton

The Troop has been raising money and planning the project for some time. The Bee Garden includes new Shasta daisies and colorful annuals added to the border at the Community Gardens. Also, the Troop will include a water bowl for the bees.  In addition, they are re-organizing the bed by digging up existing daffodil bulbs (and re-planting) and giving the entire area a facelift. Earning a Silver Award requires a 50-hour commitment from each girl in the Troop for the project.

The Troop expects to finish their project by the end of the month. There will be a special open house for the Bee Garden to be held this summer geared towards elementary school aged children.  Troop 72253 is led by parent Karen Haynes. 

(L to R, Kate, Ariel, Maeve, Abby, Rachel and Karen Haynes-Troop leader is on end)

Girl Scout Troop 72253 is busy working towards their Silver Award at the Community Garden behind Pinecrest Golf Club. Eight graders Rachel Haynes, Maeve Radcliff, Ariel Kilgore, Kate Connoni and Abby Devine are busy planting this week despite the hot temperatures. They reached out to Holliston in Bloom to ask for a recommendation for a possible location for a Bee Garden. Ag Commission Chairman PJ Kilkelly was enthusiastic about the idea of having families learn about bees at the Community Garden which is right next to the Butterfly Aviary.

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Wow, that is fantastic. Good work.

Henry Dellicker | 2018-06-23 06:28:13