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Raised Vegetable Gardening

by Mark Ahronian

Many years ago I read up on Chinese raised vegetable planting. The theory which I can attest to is that having a raised garden not only helps keep unwanted critters away easier, It also helps with not compacting soil around sensitive root systems which  damages roots by compacting pressure around them. This more softer soil absorbs water and nutrients better, and is easier to weed, and maintain.

A few tips to amend the soil which is very important. Use a composted soil rich in nutrients , add in organic Espoma green sand which is great for drainage and to make a fluffy tilth of soil, Organic poultry manure, and Solucal which is a calcidic Lime, this will help keep down blossom end rot from happening with your plants. The Chinese are right on the money, the yield with this method of growing far surpasses expectations !!  When plants are happy they let you know about it. Enjoy your Spring , and happy planting.  Mark Ahronian ,  President of Ahronian Landscaping.  (. Mass certifeid horticulturist )     Photo taken April 25th 2018