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Give Back to Giver’s Volunteer of the Month for April

by Aidan Krantz

1.  When did you begin volunteering?

    I guess volunteering isn’t a new thing for me.  In High School I volunteered at a local animal shelter, and when I was a student at BU I volunteered at Children’s Hospital.  Then when my children started school, I would volunteer in the classroom and as a chaperone on school trips, and for a couple of years at the School Store at Miller.  I was also the assistant den leader for my older son’s Cub Scout den.  The usual Mom kind of things.

2.    What is/are your current role(s) as a volunteer in Holliston?

Currently I am president of the Holliston Music and Arts Parents Association, which is the booster club for the Fine and Performing Arts in the Holliston Public Schools grades K through 12.  Because I truly feel that the arts are so central to any student’s education, I joined this organization even before my son announced that he wanted to play saxophone in the Miller School 4th grade band.  I also am the head of the 18th Century Days committee for the Holliston Historical Society.  Each year, the third graders come to the Historical Society and learn about hearth cooking, candlemaking, and other facets of 18th Century life from parent volunteers, who we train.  Even before I took over as head of the committee, I had assisted at orientation by teaching the volunteers about 18th Century clothing, which is  an interest of mine.

3.    What got you into volunteering?

I feel like volunteering is just something I’ve always done.  So often there is a need for something, even something small, and I feel like, if I have the time, why not?

4.  What is your favorite part of volunteering?

  Since so much of what I do is with my two sons through school activities, I love getting to spend time with them and see a little of what they are doing in school. Besides getting to spend time with my kids, I love meeting new people.  And volunteering is a great way to do that!  Very often the people you meet have similar interests, so it’s easy to get into a really interesting conversation.

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