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Let The Landscape Speak

by Tara Hathaway

Saturday April 7th, 2 - 4 pm, Bullard Memorial Farm

Doug Harris publicity photoDoug Harris, Deputy Tribal Historic Preservation Officer for the Narragansett Indian Tribal Historic Preservation Office will give an illustrated talk about the various forms of ceremonial stone landscape in our area and how local residents can help preserve them.  Doug Harris has been Tribally certified in the identification of ceremonial stone features for 16 years.

The forests of New England are dotted with living prayers of stone (Ceremonial Stone Landscapes) created by the Indigenous peoples of this region. The traditional belief is that these stone structures were placed to create and restore harmony between human beings and Mother Earth. The prayers they embody continue to live as long as the stones are kept intact.

The Indigenous Ceremonial Stone Landscape surrounds us in New England, often hidden in plain sight in the forests and fields. Most people who come across enigmatic stone structures don't know that some are remnants of a network built by Indigenous Americans for ceremonial and other purposes.

Tickets $5 / per person, children free

To reserve tickets email  or call 508-429-1638