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Holliston Residents urge Representative Dykema to advocate for clean energy legislation

by Utah Nickel

Residents from Holliston’s Upper Charles Climate Action node of 350MA met with Representative Dykema February 5th to discuss time sensitive clean energy legislation and the group’s vision for making Massachusetts a leader in clean energy and climate action.

As a member of the Joint Committee on Telecommunications, Utilities, and Energy, Representative Dykema is in a unique position with other members of the committee to shape the role Massachusetts takes regarding leading the nation in investing in clean energy and climate action. Massachusetts has fallen behind seven other states in its commitment to increasing the use of renewable energy. While Vermont and New York have set ambitious goals of 75% and 50% clean energy use by 2030, at the current mandates, Massachusetts will bring up the rear and utilize only 25% renewable energy.

(Above, left to right. Utah Nickel, Dawn Hammond, Representative Dykema and Jason Dionne. The lady is from Hpokinton and the gentleman is from Westboro)

The group had previously met with Representative Dykema, last July to advocate for an increase in the statewide use of clean energy and placing a price on carbon. These sentiments have been echoed across the state as indicated in a recently released public hearing report by the Senate Committee on Global Warming and Climate Change.

The group wanted to request that Representative Dykema speak with committee leadership and advocate for an extension on a DPU reform bill that would prevent a pipeline tax being passed to ratepayers (H.3400) and a bill that would increase access to solar for renters and low-income households (H3396).

In addition, the group discussed at length a bill that would transition Massachusetts to 100% renewable energy by 2035 (H.3395).  As of the meeting, the group had garnered 97 letters, 551 signed postcards and another 102 signatures in support, with over 140 alone from the 8th Middlesex District.  Representative Dykema did acknowledge that she was hearing from her constituents regarding the increase in the Renewable Portfolio Standard, and was preparing to write a letter to leadership but was pending some further research on the potential effects.

Members of the Upper Charlies Climate Action will continue to engage members of the community and look forward to working with Representative Dykema on moving local clean energy legislation forward. 

The time for clean energy legislation is now with this legislative session. If you would like to see action during this legislative session, you are urged to call Representative Dykema at 617-722-2680; Senator Spilka at 617-722-1640 and Chairman Golden at 617-722-2263 and Speaker of the House Robert DeLeo at 617-722-2500.

About Upper Charles Climate Action Node

The Upper Charles Climate Action is among 350MA's newest nodes; dedicated to state and local action to promote climate action legislation, increase the use of clean energy, and to educate the public on how to make a difference in climate change.

Two major initiatives for 2018:

  • Support climate action legislation at the state and local levels.
  • Working with local government drive action towards 100% renewable energy.

More information can be found here: