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February Volunteer of the Month: Anne Buckley

by Aidan Krantz

February Volunteer of the Month:

Give Back to Givers is a non profit in Holliston who’s goal is to promote the spirit of volunteerism.  We do this by organizing ways for kids, teens, and anyone else who wants to be involved to perform acts of appreciation for the dedicated volunteers of our community.  We also honor a volunteer of the month each month.  This month, our honoree is Anne Buckley.  Thank you for everything you do, Anne!

What have you done in the past as volunteer work?

I lived in the UK when my children were tiny and got involved in the local toddler group. I was on the committee and helped to run the program for families in the community, including song time, arts and craft activities, and special events. I also contributed articles to the village newsletter. When my two daughters became school age, I would go into their primary school (elementary) and volunteer to listen to new readers develop their skills, and teach cooking lessons to groups of children. This was a challenge, but a great experience as it taught them so much more than how to cook. Mathematics, team work, co-operation, and patience were all things that the children needed to work on during those sessions.

Since moving to Holliston, I've volunteered with Placentino and Miller Elementary schools whenever I can. Library duty, again, going in to class to help students learning to read, helping out with projects, and chaperoning school trips. I've also been a room parent for both of my daughters' classes. One of my favorite volunteer roles was helping out with the 18th Century Days at the Historical Society. I've also chaperoned the ski club this year for the first two sessions. I joined the Holliston PTO at the end of 2015. Since that time I've written a town-wide newsletter and have taken over the role of chairperson on the Parent Education Events program.

What do you currently do as volunteer work?

I currently run the Parent Education program, bringing keynote speakers to our community on topical issues, as well as helping out on projects as needed with the schools; for example, the ski club, class trips etc. I'm also the lead on a parent focus group exploring Re-imagining Education for Holliston Public Schools. This spurred from the Parent Education screening of the documentary, Most Likely to Succeed earlier this year, and has gained momentum within our schools as we strive to re-kindle innovation in Holliston. A group of ambassadors meet every other month and discuss ideas about how to bring creativity, collaboration, critical thinking, and communication to our students. For some great examples, please follow #Hollistoninnovates on Twitter.

If you'd like to hear more about Parent Education Programs, please contact Anne Buckley at  For more details on the the Parent Focus Group, you can reach Anne at

What made you want to get involved in volunteering?

I moved to Holliston in 2015 and wanted to get involved in the community. My husband was at work, my children were at school, and I needed something that fit into my schedule and gave me some personal satisfaction and a sense of achievement.

What is your favorite part of volunteering?

Volunteering allows me to really understand the community that I live in, and that my husband and I have chosen to raise our children in. It gives me the flexibility to put my family first, and yet still provide a meaningful contribution to our family, and other families around us. Plus it keeps me out of trouble! I'm one of those people who needs to be busy - and there's never a dull moment with Parent Education programs!

What have you gotten out of volunteering?

As I mentioned, volunteering has given me a sense of satisfaction and personal worth. I'm able to use my brain and keep my skills honed, without the pressure of being committed to an employer. My husband travels with his job, and my children are my first priority. Volunteering allows me to do something worthwhile for me, my family, and the wider community.


To get involved with Give Back To Givers, please reach out to  To learn more, please visit our website or like us on Facebook, Give Back to Givers!