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Helping Thor

by Lisa Zais

On Thursday, November 30th around 5:00 pm,  3 years young "Thor", beloved pet of Peter & Eunice Rogaishio, was struck by not one car but two in front of their home on Fiske Street in Holliston.  I happened to be riding by right after Thor was hit.  It was awful.  He had lost so much blood.  Peter Rogaishio was in shock and helplessly waiting for some help to arrive.  Holliston Police were directing traffic and Animal Control was on the way but in heavy rush hour traffic.  There was no time to spare.   They decided to pick up Thor with a Tarp and put him in the back of Peter Rogaishio's truck to get him to IVG MetroWest in Natick stat. 

Peter was desperately trying to save his dog's life and was caught in heavy rush hour traffic.  While on West Central Street he illegally passed several vehicles, one being a Natick Police Officer.  Natick Police put on their lights, but Peter was in a life or death situation and kept going.   He finally pulled over and was arrested on the spot.   He was yelling at the officers that his dog was hit.  The police saw the blood all over Peter and looked in the back seat.  There they discovered Thor who lay lifeless.   The police took Peter's truck and rushed Thor to the Emergency room at IVG MetroWest in Natick.

The police did recognize that there were extenuating circumstances that led him to drive in that fashion and put a number of people at risk.  At his hearing the following day, Peter was ordered to complete a traffic safety course in the next two months.

Thor had to be transported by IVG MetroWest to Tufts Medical in Grafton where he miraculously is still alive.  He has three broken legs.  Compound breaks to both of his front two legs and a shattered femur.  In addition, he has facial injuries along with numerous other injuries.  Thor's will to survive is amazing, he has the heart of a lion!

Estimated medical costs are $22, 000 which does not include months of recovery ahead. Peter & Eunice have no children other than Thor.  It's their baby.  It's going to be a long road to recovery for him and the family. We would be so grateful for any help you may be able to give. A GoFund Me Site has been set up here:

Thank you 




Comments (12)

The sentence should have read 'Peter and Eunice have no children'. Period. Thor is their pet. Is the owner using the money to install electronic fence? Perhaps a good investment to prevent further disaster. The driver had no control over his emotions, and drove a car like a lunatic. He should be laying low, apologize to police and learn from this all.

Mel Sully | 2017-12-07 04:45:01

Doesn't matter who has a pet or not. Pets will never be on the same level as a human life. If they were than the pet med flight would have showed up.

Bill | 2017-12-06 17:16:20

Vince....not sure what your point is. My partner Steven and I have 2 beautiful Siberian Huskies that mean the world to us. However, I would never put people's lives at risk taking them to the vet...Sorry

Terry Kumple | 2017-12-06 17:09:21

I am a parent and a pet owner/lover. I hope the dog makes a full recovery but let's please understand: (1) a dog is not a child and it's insulting to anyone who has lost a child to make that comparison; and (2) the person who broke the law and recklessly endangered human lives is, in essence, being rewarded for his behavior.

Kelly M | 2017-12-06 17:08:03

Read the comments, and just try to guess which person has a pet and which does not. Easy peasy lemon squeezy.

Vince Packard | 2017-12-06 05:49:33

It is inexcusable to be driving the way this guy was - in rush hour, no less! Illegally passing several cars....and NOT stopping when instructed to by police?? He is lucky all they did was arrest him....they could have tuned him up. The writer of this article wears her sympathies on her sleeve. 'He couldn't stop, as he was in a life or death situation' Yes, you are was a life or death caused by the dog's owner, putting god only knows how many innocent lives at risk, including my partner who drives home that way!!!

Terry Kumple | 2017-12-05 19:39:53

Geez people. Dogs get out sometimes no matter how careful you are. Our dogs never leave our side, they come to work with us, are always on leashes, but every once in awhile, they our smart us and get away. When this happens we go crazy! I've run after them in snow with no shoes on. I'd probably do whatever I had to do to get them to a hospital in an emergency. No humans were hurt! Thank-you Natick police for your compassion. To Thor's parents, I'm so sorry you're having to go through this. I can't imagine how horrible it all was and is.

Margaret Kadlick | 2017-12-05 14:47:23

There are so many teaching and societal lessons wrapped up in this story I simply do not know where to start. 1. Fiske is a fairly dark street with corners etc. With this dogs coloring how easy would he be able to see? I live on Fiske, I see people walking sometimes. Unless they have the reflective gear on, blinking lights or something they are almost impossible to see. And that is during the daytime sometimes. 2. The person that hit the dog could have not seen it at all, could have hit on the corner of her car or whatever. We have Coywolves and Bears . You hit a bear and then get out of your car to see if its ok? Just saying that getting out of your own car at night on a busy road where people drive like nutters anyway is a bad idea. 3. Why was the dog in the road? Did he have a reflective collar? A blinking color that activates at night would be a great idea actually, wonder if they have em. 4. Animals and kids that are " Family" should be in the house at night. 5. Endangering peoples lives on the road for what much of the world defines as a pet and much of the world defines as Food is simply not acceptable. 6. When you make a decision to act, it is your decision and you live with the consequence. 7. People wanting to donate is admirable and thankfully in America we can still put our money wherever we want to but 22K for a Pet? 22K could buy prosthetics for kids, Vets, etc. 22K could build a small addition to a home for a handicapped family member. The list of what 22K could do is long and productive. 8. I do not know how old Thor is but we know for a fact that chances are he is not going to live over the age of about 13 depending on his breed etc. Then he will be replaced and forgotten as is the case with pets. Be charitable, be safe, think safe, think prevention and act on common sense not emotion . Many moral lessons in this story to be sure. I wish the dog well.

blake thompson | 2017-12-05 11:13:39

I sympathize with this family but he basically put people's lives at risk. You can argue all you want but a dogs life is not the same as a human being. What if he hit a family head on? What if he ran over a kid on his bike? He made the wrong decision and thankfully no one was hurt. I really hope your dog recovers

Bill | 2017-12-05 08:19:29

So.....peoples lives were put in danger by someone weaving in and out of traffic, to the extent that when stopped by Police, they were 'arrested on the spot', and we're now being asked to help fund the dogs surgeries? Is this story a hoax?

Stan Coffin | 2017-12-04 19:59:14

Why didn't the offending driver who mowed down this poor animal stop and help out? Why did she leave him laying injured and bleeding on a cold,dark, busy street. Why did she not return until ten minutes later? What if it was a child? Why do people have to speed through a residential neighborhood? Why do I waste my breath asking why?

D. Brown | 2017-12-04 19:37:34

Why was he in the street? Sad for all especially the poor drivers that had to be traumatized !

Scary for drivers | 2017-12-04 14:08:32