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HCAT TV Reporter Positions Available

by Don Cronin

Have you ever watched the evening news and said “I bet I would make a great reporter”. If so, then keep reading. Holliston Cable Access Television (HCAT) is the town’s very own television station. The people that you see on camera reside in Holliston. The producers and camera crew also live in Holliston.

“Heartbeat of Holliston” is the town’s local news/magazine show and requires many volunteers both as on camera talent and behind the scenes to make this popular TV program a success. Like many other organizations in Holliston HCAT depends upon the active participation of many volunteers. Due to limited staff and volunteers unfortunately many important news items and town events go uncovered.

We need more TV reporters!! No experience necessary. Come and join our Heartbeat team. Everyone is supportive, friendly and fun to work with. Your opportunity to interview interesting people in Holliston and is a great way of keeping your community connected.

Pick your Beat…lifestyle, arts, business or news. If you are energetic and enjoy meeting new people then this is for you. Great opportunity for those considering a career in broadcast journalism. Some past HCAT producers have moved up to the network level having worked on shows like CSI Miami,     Saturday Night Live and some have become recognized independent film and television producers. If interested please call 508-429-8979 or email