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Sustainable Landscape Design

by Mark Ahronian

Design Intentions

Fall at Bay State Milling’s national headquarters is a sight to see. Custom designed and installed by Ahronian Landscaping & Design of Holliston, it captures the idea of sustainable landscape design. These gardens not only benefit the employees but the environment as well. By removing the lawn and adding plants, the garden has a larger and diversified plant pallet.  This creates a more dynamic ecosystem and a great environment for pollinators. The gardens were designed to create a sequence of seasonal color while solving site problems. The previous lawn areas were very dry and hot so drought tolerant and heat loving plants were planted here. Since these plants thrive in these conditions the amount of watering is drastically reduced compared to the lawn that was once there.

"Our employees love to go out to the garden on their breaks and lunch time to enjoy the fresh air, and landscape that is full of pollinators and birds. I think this break from the office space is beneficial for our employees.” - The Chairman of the Board at Bay State Milling

The landscape at Bay State Milling is designed to be in harmony with nature while still providing the employees a space to entertain and relax. Ahronian Landscaping strives to create outdoor spaces that blend seamlessly with nature.

Comments (2)

What a nice display and I love and support the idea of lawn alternatives! I think this and the use of native plants go a long way towards a more sustainable landscaping. I agree with Susan, it would be great to see this more in Holliston; it would be great to see a program that encourages lawn reduction/ conversion to lawn alternatives. This would likely help during our periods of drought/water restrictions times.

Utah Nickel | 2017-11-09 19:09:13

I love this. Beautiful work as always Mark Ahronian. I hope Holliston will begin to incorporate this kind of landscape design.

Susan Woodrow | 2017-11-09 15:50:39