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AIB Goes on Presymposium Tour

by Mark Ahronian

First stop was the Weston Nurseries in Hopkinton.

Then they went to Elm Bank in South Natick for a tour of the botanical gardens of the Massachusetts Horticultural Society..

Comments (2)

This was one of the highlights of all the touring we did. The children's garden was so amazing!!!!!! Would love to see something like that created in Holliston!

Deb Moore | 2017-10-09 05:54:45

It was a beautiful day and the color was amazing !! At Massachusetts Horticultural society Elm bank there is a trial garden of new plant varieties for people to check out and try in there own garden. There is also a new children's garden called Wezies that's out of this world !! The Italianate garden is very formal and European, Then there is the popular Bressingham garden with interesting conifers !

Mark Ahronian | 2017-10-07 03:44:36