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Lions Club is bringing KidSight USA to Celebrate Holliston

by Linda Ahronian


Lions KidSight USA is a nationwide program to safeguard the vision of preschool children through free vision screenings. Studies have shown that up to 15% of preschool children screened are referred for a follow up exam with an eye care professional and up to 4% of preschool children have amblyopia, a treatable disorder that can result in permanently reduced vision if not addressed by an early age.

The Holliston Lions Club has adopted KidSight and is partnering with local groups to provide free screenings which include:

? Hyperopia – Difficulty seeing objects that are near, far sighted. 

? Myopia – Distant objects appear blurred, near sighted. 

? Astigmatism - A condition in which the cornea has an abnormal curve causing out-of-focus vision. 

? Anisometropia –A condition where one eye has poorer vision that the other.  

? Strabismus – A condition where the eyes point in different directions.

According to educational experts, 80% of learning is visual. So if a child can’t see well, the child can’t learn well. Yet most young children don’t get their vision screened until they have problems learning or paying attention in school. By then, it may already be too late. Unless vision problems are detected early and corrected, they risk becoming permanent by age 7. Screening begins at six months of age and it is always free.

Our mission is to ensure free eye screenings are available to all kids because every child deserves to learn and see the world clearly. Are you or your organization interested in partnering with the Holliston Lions?

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