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Beginner's Yoga classes at the Prana Center

by Roberta Weiner

Beginner's Yoga classes at the Prana Center

New school year - maybe a new you? If you’ve been meaning to try Yoga but something is holding you back, Beginner’s Yoga is a wonderful way to get started. For the first time, I'm personally teaching three different session of Beginner's Yoga with times to suit just about any schedule.

This is a great introduction to Yoga for new students, or a fantastic brush-up on the basics for veterans!

Yoga is a proven way to increase strength, flexibility and balance, and is wonderfully relaxing. You will learn to breath more deeply and find levels of peace and serenity you didn’t know were possible. Western science has recently caught up to what experienced practitioners know for sure in their bodies and minds – yoga (when practiced carefully with an experienced teacher) truly helps heal aches and pains and can help you manage weight and overall health.

I recently attended a Beginner’s Yoga workshop at the Kripalu Center and was struck by how both her body and mind benefited from taking it all in as a new student. I’ve been practicing Yoga since I was 17, and yet this Beginner’s session really spoke to me. I felt myself going a little deeper into postures and loving the reminders about alignment and breathing.

I'll bring these lessons into the Beginner’s sessions at Prana. I've been teaching Yoga for nearly 20 years and have introduced hundreds of adults, teens and children to this wonderful practice. I also teach at the Holliston Senior Center and have extensive experience in modifications and variations for all levels.

This class is for those of any fitness level and experience, from absolute beginners to those who want a brush-up!

You will choose one session when signing up but can make up a class in any of the other time slots, anytime! .

Some good things to know: Yoga is done wearing comfortable clothes. Layers are great as we warm up and cool down. Yoga is done barefoot. The Prana Center has mats you can borrow and water is always available. There is a place to change if you want that!

Why wait? There’s no time like today to get started on a path to health and fitness. More info at The Prana Center is located at 21 Charles St., behind the library.