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Holliston Lions Club Present Rail Trail Grant

by Steve Apesos

The Holliston Lions Club, coming off another successful fundraising year, presented a $1,000 check to the Friends of Holliston Rail Trail.  The local Lions Club was elected the Number 1 Club in the District for its charitable efforts and membership drive.  The Club now has nearly 80 members and generated more than $50,000 this past year towards its international and community initiatives.

Above. The $1000 check to the Rail Trail was presented by incoming Holliston Lions President Ged Gove (left); Marc Rosenfeld, President of the Friends of Holliston Rail Trail; and outgoing Holliston Lions President, Carolyn Tierney.  The money is earmarked to help with the Holliston Rail Trail extension toward Dover/Sherborn.

Comments (4)

Lions support the Friends of Holliston Trails every year through donations and volunteerism. Thank you (again) for everything you do.

Marc Rosenfeld | 2017-08-28 09:01:18

We want to thank the rail trail committee,and all who are making the rail trail so great.Thank you to the Lions club and there members for all the wonderful things they do.

John Gagnon and family | 2017-08-27 07:06:10

That's wonderful. Holliston is fortunate to have the Lions!

Dave Tobin | 2017-08-26 17:27:46

Thank you Lions for all that you do for Holliston!

Bill Duffy | 2017-08-26 08:42:39