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Cactus Gang Kicks off Goodwill Summer Concert Series

by Benjamin St. George

After a rainout and the fourth of July, the Summer Concert Series at Goodwill Park finally got under way this past Tuesday with a performance by The Cactus Gang.

The Holliston Newcomers Club and the Holliston Lions Club sponsor the family oriented series that take place from 6:30-8:00 on Tuesdays throughout the remainder of July.

The Cactus Gang began their set to a full crowd and full crew of HCAT workers.

Our very own Christian Buday crouches down for a shot of the band.

They may have blocked the view for everyone else, but at least HCAT got the best seats in the house.

A game of wiffle ball quickly formed, consisting of some of the more disinterested young attendees.

Backstage view of the Gang. From left to right; Will "Wild Willie" Yates on lead guitar, Greg "Gunslinger" Swartz on vocals, Mason "The Hangman" Hangen on fiddle, and Paul "Pablo" Giovine on drums.

A couple of teenage boys recover from a traumatic jousting match in the "New England Bubble Soccer" bubbles.


A line quickly formed in front of the "Larry Joe's New England Fire Pit" food truck.

Central Cafe set up a refreshing ice cream stand which was well received on such a humid evening.

Families sprawled out across the green to picnic and enjoy some country and classic rock.

Comments (1)

It was a wonderful evening and The Cactus Gang was great. It was well attended and everyone seemed to have a good time. Look for the taped performance on HCAT coming up in the very near future. Just to make it clear, there was just one stationary camera operator positioned directly out front once the performance actually started.

Bruce Gilfoy-HCAT | 2017-07-13 06:55:57