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The Promised Land, A Poem About the Beach at Cape Cod

by Maddie Kinder

The Promised Land

She found her way,
navigating through the simmering sand,
and skeletal plants.
Summoned by the call of the ocean,
the quiet hum of the sparrows,
and the loud roars of the seagulls.
She found her way.

For, she now reached the promised land.
All of the struggles and battles within her
had drifted away,
for, now they were one with the kites floating into the horizon.

She finally belonged.
This was her place.
Twas the home of her happiness.

She kicked off her worn-out sandals into an oblivion of sand.
Running down the lengthy stairs she went,
the wind blew throughout her sun-kissed hair
and the water beckoned her home.

Blue and lush,
the water steadily flowed.
It gave an indescribable feeling
one might call it peace caused by the
iridescent water,
or just the simplicity of the beach enlightening her.
Whatever it might be, she rejoiced in the newfound happiness.

Placing her feet in the water,
she breathed in as the luke-warm water reached her red painted toes.
The song of the sea birds rang along the beach
and the quiet purr of country music blaring in the distance relaxed her.

She picked a blue tinted rock off the ground,
although worn by the waves of the ocean,
she still skipped it.
Pulling her arm back with a swift, powerful swing,
she released the rock,
skipping it five times,
she watched as the rock sank into the water.
Falling into the sand,
lost forever.

-Maddie Kinder

Comments (4)

Eileen, where is this gorgeous place?

Marie Raffi | 2017-07-17 10:41:20

What a wonderful poem ! Thank you for sharing it with all the Holliston Reporter readers.

Debbie Nichols | 2017-07-15 16:42:56

This is so beautiful maddie! I love it!??

Sofia grappo | 2017-07-13 07:42:08

What a beautiful picture and poem!It really made my day.Thanks Maddie!

Eileen Hoye | 2017-07-12 16:49:09