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Rail Trail Met June 22, 2017

by Christian Buday

The Rail Trail committee held a meeting on Thursday, June 22nd at Holliston Town Hall. The discussion included recent happenings, new ideas and some problems experienced using the Rail Trail.

Robert (Bobby) Blair was at the meeting to discuss an idea he had. He suggested making signs for the Rail Trail. He was thinking that the committee could install two-sided signs so that users of the trail could tell which direction they were headed and what was up ahead. The committee took it under advisement and appeared willing to follow through with the plan.

Anita Kite attended the Rail Trail committee meeting to discuss an idea she was working on. She brought forward the idea of having a white or blackboard on the Rail Trail for people to make suggestions or comments, whatever they may be.  She said it wasn’t fully planned out yet but the committee seemed to think that it was a good idea and threw their own ideas in about where they could set it up. They thought it would be good to place it in a gathering spot to draw people in.

The next topic the committee discussed was around adding more crosswalks. One location for a new crosswalk was over by Woodland Street. A witness said that people were attempting to cross Woodland Street and it was a dangerous situation. The Rail Trail committee said they wanted to put in a crosswalk as well as a crossing or stop sign to alert drivers that someone might be crossing. A second location for a crosswalk was on Washington Street. The Rail Trail committee wanted to have a crosswalk with flashing beacons when someone was crossing. The committee said they were probably going to scrub the idea though due to how complicated it would be as to where and how to set up the crossing arm that holds the beacon.

Finally, the Rail Trail committee has been paying attention to the issue of dirt bikes using the Rail Trail.  Dirt bike riders have been riding their bikes on the trail which is not allowed. The committee is trying to come up with ways to keep them off the trail.  Any suggestions appreciated!  Stay tuned.

Comments (3)

Any further news about the Sherborn end from Route 16 to Whitney Street? Any discussion with Sherborn?

Diana Marsh | 2017-07-28 06:50:30

Is there any discussion or plans to install a sidewalk along Washington street from Locust street? It would certainly make it more walkable from East Holliston area.

Utah Nickel | 2017-07-07 16:41:57

Perhaps the directional information could be added to the sides of the mile posts already present?

peter simpson | 2017-07-04 08:22:06