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Miller’s Second Annual Marathon Fitness Challenge a Success

by Pat Montain

Miller students recently completed their 12 week Marathon Fitness Challenge (MFC), an incentive based run/walk program coordinated by Mrs. Krauss and Mrs. Montain.   Students were encouraged to run or walk an ultimate distance of a marathon (26.2 miles) or half marathon (13.1 miles).  This was the third annual MFC. This program was made possible by generous grants from the Framingham Union Aid Association (FUAA) and the Holliston Newcomers Club.

The Shine classroom representatives received a presentation about Independence and the Marathon Fitness Challenge.  They then presented the information they gained to their individual classrooms.  Two hundred and sixty six Miller students completed the half or full marathon distance. Students who completed the half marathon distance received a MFC tee shirt. Students who completed the full marathon distance received a MFC tee shirt, certificate of achievement, and a medal.

The students not only tried to accumulate distances for themselves, but for their classroom. Each class in grades 3, 4, and 5 competed against each other by tabulating the number of miles they accumulated at home from March to the end of May. Weekly, each classroom’s miles were calculated into an average miles/student. These miles were displayed in the cafeteria hallway. A Marathon Fitness Challenge banner was designated for each grade on the walls, with each classroom represented by a photo of their teacher’s head on a cartoon running body. The more miles students ran, the farther their teacher’s photo advanced up the wall. In the end, the classrooms who accumulated the most miles/student for their grade earned the Golden Sneaker Award. Golden shoe laces were presented to each student.

Wendy & Mrs Scott 3rd grade winner above.

Mrs. Scott’s class earned the Golden Sneaker Award for the third grade.  Ms. McGee’s class came in close second, followed by Ms. Acker’s class. Ms. McGee’s class has been in the top three for the past two years.

Wendy and Mrs Volk (in the red shirt) 4th grade classroom winner.

Mrs. Volk’s class earned the Golden Sneaker Award for the fourth grade. Mrs. Spino’s class came in a close second, followed Mrs.Bro’s class. This was the second year Mrs. Spino’s class has come in second.

Mrs DeRoy's 5th grade Golden Sneaker Award (Deroy is on far right in white shirt)

Once again, the fifth graders accumulated the most miles compared to the other grades. The race in this grade was the most hotly contested. The Golden Sneaker was won by Mrs. DeRoy’s class for a third consecutive year! Mrs. DeRoy’s class has earned the 5th Grade Golden Sneaker award since the program began in Miller in 2015. Mrs. Tonelli’s class came in second, followed by Mrs. Forber’s class. Great job fifth graders!

Some members of Mrs. DeRoy’s fifth grade Golden Sneaker award winning classroom had the following MFC reflections:

I really think that the Marathon Fitness Challenge improved the way I think about fitness and exercise – Tessa

I think it was fun and it keeps you active – Grace

Some members of Ms. Volk’s winning class had the following reflections:

I felt excited about the marathon fitness challenge because I knew that it was a little bit challenging, but I managed to keep up.  It did change me because I liked to run.  Before exercising I felt like I was ready and prepared to run.  During the marathon, I knew I had to keep it up and not stop.  After the challenge, I was proud of myself for working so hard. -- Rayaan

I was very excited to find out we won.  It was not challenging.  I felt good about exercising. --Sophie

The MFC would not have been successful without support from the following:

  • Grants from the Holliston Newcomer’s Club, the Framingham Union Aid Association (FUAA).
  • Wendy Krauss for organizing this event.
  • Winnie Carey for designing the mileage log sheets and managing the mileage data along with Heather Scaringella.
  • Mrs. Brenda Maurao for providing administrative support throughout the entire event.
  • Family and friends for encouraging Miller student athletes to be physically active and complete their miles at home.

Planning for next year’s MFC is already underway.  Until then, happy running/walking!

Mrs Volk's 4th grade Golden Sneaker Award (Mrs Volk on far right in orange shirt).

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