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What can I do?

by Theresa Lamkin


It is a great question to hear:  “What can I do?”  The answer to that question and many others is now just a click away with the new Holliston Volunteer Resource Book.  This book is the product of the 2017 Volunteer Summit. 

Earlier this year, we hosted the first ever Volunteer Summit - an effort to unite the non-profit community.  The purpose of the evening was simply to introduce all the leaders of the various non-profits and share goals, ideas, and difficulties.  We invited over 30 groups and had an outstanding attendance (not surprisingly, they were a group of nicest people you could ever meet). 

From that evening, we were able to assemble a comprehensive, current list of the groups in town, their primary contacts, organization profiles, and personal profiles.  It is called Holliston Volunteer Resource Book and it is literally a treasure-trove of information. 

Our hope is that you use this guide when you are:

  1. Looking to get involved - Want to find a place to do some volunteering?  Look through the Resource Book.  Something is bound to strike your interest.
  2. Looking for somewhere for your children to get involved – These days kids need more volunteer hours than ever!  NHS, religious mile stones, community service (hey, it happens), or a simple benevolent heart that wants to be fostered.  Have them explore the groups here in town. 
  3. Wondering what fund raisers/events are already hosted by another group in town – They are listed in the Organization Profiles section.
  4. Looking for a person who might be able to help you with your effort or idea by providing info or guidance – Check the Personal Profiles.  There are a lot of people in this town who have tried a lot of crazy things.  Tap that knowledge!  Don’t reinvent the square-wheel – someone has already tried that and it didn’t work!  Talk to them. 

We are making this information as easy as possible for the public to access.  There are physical copies at the Town Clerk’s office, the Holliston Library, the Holliston High School Guidance Office, and Parks and Recreation Dept.  There are PDF available from the Town’s website under Community Links ( ) and from the ad on

Take a look.  See if you might want to get involved in any of the groups listed. 

Holliston has one of the largest volunteer communities in MetroWest.  That takes people like you!  You don’t need to know anyone in the group, just shoot them an email.  Tell them you saw them in the Resource Book and you’d like more info.   You’ll be happy you did -  I guarantee it.   

Comments (1)

I saw the book at the Historical Society and was impressed. What a great idea to have groups collaborate or at least know what others are doing!

Mary Curran | 2017-04-29 12:31:59