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Holliston Delegates to Attend Convention

by Lisa Kaplan

Holliston Democratic Town Committee

Holliston Democrats Elect Convention Delegates 


-Democrats in Holliston caucused March 11 to elect delegates to the 2017 Massachusetts Democratic Convention in Worcester. 

Maria Constantinides, Judy Gagnon, Diana Harrington, Eva Stahl, Bill Blinstrub, Utah Nickel, Lee Desorgher and Will Brown were elected to represent Holliston Democrats at the Convention. Secretary Lisa Kaplan, State Representative Carolyn Dykema and State Committee member Bill Dooling will also attend from Holliston.

Donna Chapin, Jason Dionne, Pat Bolger and Mary Kinsella were elected as alternate delegates in the case a delegate is unable to attend. Joshua Staub was chosen as an add-on youth delegate.

This year’s Massachusetts Democratic Convention will take place Saturday, June 3 at the DSU Center in Worcester.

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