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Local Author Kerri Miller at Fiske's Today 2-4

by Susan Woodrow

Back in the late 20th century, I used to hear that “the ancient Chinese art of Feng Shui” could solve all my problems simply by showing me how to move my furniture around. I was skeptical.

On the other hand, why not try anything and everything that might help, right?

So I bought a lot of books and tried to understand and use the tips by myself. When I realized I didn’t want to learn the complexities of Asian astrology or chance bringing down “hungry ghosts” by painting my kitchen the wrong color, I decided to look for a professional. Back then, there were no professionals out here in the suburbs, and Boston experts charged astronomical fees for house calls. I gave up and decided to stick with the traditional puritan work ethic.

Then more recently, as Fate would have it (whether eastern or western in origin, I don’t know), a local reading group that I joined had one member who introduced herself a Feng Shui practitioner, recently moved to town from California. She was just like the rest of us, with daughters in school, work/life balance issues, and an interest in reading groups, but she was also a close listener with a gentle manner as well as a lot of special knowledge. It was Kerri Miller!

Kerri is now a regular Hollistonian with a growing following. She offers private feng shui consultations on-site or by phone. She also facilitates several online group feng shui programs including the ever the popular “Clutter Clearing Challenge.” Those of us who have used her services will attest that her influence is informed and inspiring, and her suggestions just tend to make sense. We keep returning for more!

I no longer think adjusting my sofa is going to create a utopia in my home, but I do feel the soothing effects of de-cluttering, and the energizing freedom of becoming conscious that the objects I choose to live with will influence my days and nights. It seems that the Wisdom of the East can come to suburban Boston and brighten our lives in a way that suits contemporary American lives.

 Kerri has recently put a lot of her experience and knowledge into publishing a book, ”FEELS BETTER. FLOWS BETTER. Feng Shui for Inspired Living" She says the book is “a hands-on guide to arranging a home that feels better and flows better.” I have a copy on my desk, and I consult it often (it’s a lot friendlier than the awkward translations of ancient manuals that I tried to decipher two decades ago).

Kerri will be at Fiske’s for a book-signing event, Sunday March 26 at 2:00. Bring your copy of "FEELS BETTER - FLOWS BETTER" if you have one, for her to sign, or purchase one there.

She’ll also be answering people’s feng shui questions. In modern English.

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Congratulations on your book Kerri!!

Stacey Raffi | 2017-03-26 15:52:32