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Planning Board Public Hearing

by Karen Sherman

In accordance with the provisions of MGL, c. 40A, s. 5, the Holliston Planning Board will hold a Public Hearing on Thursday, March 30, 2017 at 7:15 p.m. in the Selectmen’s Meeting Room of Town Hall, 703 Washington Street to receive comments on the following proposed amendments to the Holliston Zoning By-Laws:

Articles 20 - 25. Amend Section II-B of the Zoning By-Laws to modify the Zoning Map as follows: 

Area 1 - East Holliston - Change the Commercial district designation in its entirety to Village Center Commercial and add #479 Washington Street. Area includes 403 - 479 Washington Street, 400 - 418 Washington Street, as well as, 12 and 18 Concord Street.

Area 2 - Woodland Street/Factory Pond Industrial Remnants. Area includes three parcels associated with the existing facility at 163 Woodland Street. 

Area 3 - Woodland Street Industrial Remnants and #83 Elm Street (AR-B) - Change the existing district to Village Center Commercial. Area includes 300 - 360 Woodland Street and 83 Elm Street. 

Area 4 - Elm/Grove - Change the district designation from Agricultural-Residential B to Village Residential. Area includes 602-696 Washington Street (even numbers), 27-131 Linden Street (odd numbers), Hampshire Street (all), Avon Street (all), Irving Place (all), 18 – 94 Elm Street (excluding 83), and 138 - 152 Railroad Street (even numbers). 

Area 5 - Mudville/Washington Street/Green Street

a. Eliminate split zoning district lots and change Residential zoning district to Village Residential. Area to include 864 - 960 Washington Street, 22 Pine Street, Pleasant Street (all), Spring Street (all), School Street (all), Mechanic Street (8 - end), Union Street (65 to end). 

b. Clarify Industrial zoning district for 75 - 99 Exchange Street (odd numbers) and 13 - 18 Water Street. Eliminate any Industrial zone split lots on Winthrop Street. 

c. Change 31 - 53 Green Street from Village Center Commercial to Village Residential. 

d. Eliminate split zoned parcels (Village Center Commercial and Agricultural-Residential B) at 747 and 755 Washington Street and 20 Hollis Street (Village Center Commercial) and 24 and 42 Hollis Street (Agricultural-Residential B). 

Area 6 - Marked Tree Road- Change split district lots along Marked Tree Road and Robin Hill Road (Ag-Res B and Res.), 40 Smithhurst Drive, 55 and 65 Prospect Street as well as 970 - 1002 (even numbers) and 1057 - corner of Washington Street and Highland Street (odd numbers) to Residential.

Please Note: Parcel-based existing and proposed maps are available for review in the link posted below for each area and for the overall Downtown Corridor. These are proposals for zoning map changes only. Changes to existing dimension and use regulations are not being proposed at this time. If you have questions, please contact Town Planner Karen Sherman at (508)429-0635 or

2. Delete Section IV-A(4), sub-section 4 in its entirety as it is not consistent with the provisions of Section I-C Pre-Existing, Non-Conforming Uses, Structures and Lots adopted by Town Meeting in May 2016.

3. Amend Section I-D Prohibited Use (1) to prohibit nine explicit uses (commercial slaughtering; fat rendering or glue and gelatin manufacture; cement, lime and gypsum manufacture; fertilizer manufacture; asphalt and concrete batching plants; petroleum refining; reclamation of asphalt and concrete; commercial gravel processing and removal; outdoor storage of materials and equipment not associated with a business operated in a building on the premises) in all zoning districts (by Citizen’s Petition).

The complete text of these proposed amendments and map changes are on file at the Office of the Town Clerk and at the Planning Board Office, Town Hall, 703 Washington Street and are available for inspection during regular business hours. They are also posted on the Town’s website at .All interested parties are encouraged to attend the hearing and/or submit written commentary.

David Thorn, Chairman