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Post-election : Get Involved!

by Bill Blinstrub

     If you’re like many Americans, you are very likely a bit overwhelmed by  the current political climate in our great country right now. It’s very easy to get caught up, and frustrated by it all. But remember this, we live in the greatest, most prosperous, most tolerant nation on Earth. Despite the ideological divides that are apparent in our country right now, we had a peaceful, successful transition of power this past month, with the former President, a Democrat, willfully giving way to his successor, a Republican. Despite the immense ideological differences between these two men, one willingly stepped aside to let the other take power.

     Why would the leader of the free world willfully step aside for someone else? Because the laws of our country demand this, and because he respected those laws, deeply.

     As Americans, we sometimes take this simple, yet astonishingly profound act- the peaceful transition of power- for granted. In far too many countries, this peaceful transition of power simply would not have been possible. There likely would have been fighting, bloodshed and loss of life..

     But NOT here. Not in the United States of America. Despite the intense political debate currently raging in our great country, we have always honored the laws, processes and traditions created by our founding fathers, laws that promote equality, freedom of speech and freedom of religion, among other things.

     Last Thursday, our new President signed an executive order banning citizens of certain countries from traveling to the United States. As President, he has the authority to pass executive orders such as this. And as citizens, if we don’t agree with our government, we have the right to protest. And as you probably noticed, people are protesting this order, as is their right. This is one of the things that makes America great along with the Constitutional checks and balances. Each branch has the power to check the others so if the Executive Branch signs an executive order, that order can be checked by the Judicial Branch, as we see happening in courts throughout the land.

     Another thing that makes America great is that anyone can get involved and help make it better.  You can donate to candidates whose ideologies you agree. You can donate time and money to organizations like American Civil Liberties Union, for example, who are working to help those impacted by this executive order.

     But what many people overlook is that you can also join your local town political committee. Remember this quote from Tip O’Neill- “All politics is local.”  You have the right to get involved in your own town. I did. I recently joined the Holliston Democratic Town Committee. I did this to get involved and help shape the future of my town, my state, and my country. And if the current political climate has left you feeling motivated, I urge you to get involved as well.Image result for democrat and republican symbols

      For more information about the Holliston Democratic Town Committee visit and “like” Holliston Dems on Facebook or contact chairperson Megan O’Brien at

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I got involved in my local political town committee in 2008 with the intention of melding my voice and actions with others of like minds in supporting candidates at the state and national level. With the upcoming 2018 midterm elections around the corner I am happier than I have ever been to belong to such a professional, committed and active group.

Judy Gagnon | 2017-02-14 06:47:08

Thanks Bill! On FLEEK as the kids would say!

Jean Spera | 2017-02-13 17:29:49

This is a great point about getting active with one's local political town committee. Political parties are the RESULT of people who share similar values getting together to promote and defend those values. If there ever was a time in American history that people need to reflect on their values and then act to defend and promote them, this would be it.

Dennis Naughton | 2017-02-13 16:31:07

Very well stated, and great message!

Utah Nickel | 2017-02-13 16:02:08

Great article, now is a good time to get involved!

Mary Kinsella | 2017-02-13 15:21:46