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Purple Heart Signs are Posted in Holliston

by Stephen Bradford

                                     (Washington Street at the Milford Line)

Those entering Holliston via Route 16 or Route 126, beginning on January 12, may have noticed striking new signs that were posted by Mass DOT, District 3. These signs are to let people know that Holliston, as a community, recognizes, respects and values those who have been awarded the Purple Heart for being wounded by an instrument of war at the hands of the enemy. The Purple Heart is also awarded posthumously to the families of those who were killed in action.

The Selectmen, on December 4, 2013, read a proclamation that declared Holliston a Purple Heart Community. This was followed on January 24, 2014 by a plaque being presented to the town by officers from the Purple Heart Society.

                                     (Summer Street at the Medway Line)

If you did not watch on HCAT-TV or attend either of those Selectmen’s meetings, you probably did not know that this happened. To bring more visibility to this, the Selectmen were asked by the American Legion at the December 15, 2016 Selectmen’s meeting to allow the purchase and posting of 4 Purple Heart Town signs. The board unanimously approved this action. Through Representative Carolyn Dykema’s office, the name of the company that the Town of Westboro used for their signs was obtained along with contact information for District 3 of Mass DOT.

The result of these efforts is what you now see when entering the town from Medway, Milford, Ashland and Sherborn.

                                      (Washington Street at the Sherborn line)

In recent years, the town has recognized the Oldest Veteran in Holliston with the display of a plaque and a glass encased sword located in the hallway next to the Town Clerk’s Office. This past June a POW/MIA Chair and Flag display was placed in the foyer at town hall recognizing the 91,000 plus POW’s and MIA’s from all wars.

                                       (Concord Street at the Ashland line)

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I don't think that we can quantify this. It would be a matter of being able to go back through town and military records since 1782. You can however, start with those who received it posthumously. Those would be the ones that have Veterans Squares in town (with the possibility that a couple may have been missed). Squares are for those who were killed in action. Histories of those squares can be fond on the Holliston Historical Society website.

Steve Bradford | 2017-01-25 06:16:08

Out of Curiosity... How many Purple Heart reciprocants are there in the Town Of Holliston???? Thank You

DOROTHY E KAMPERSAL | 2017-01-24 20:04:56

Thank you! Your commitment is outstanding and we appreciate you and yours! We more than appreciate the veterans commitment to our freedom!! Thank you again, and again and again..............

Donna Kramer | 2017-01-24 07:16:26