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Veteran’s Memorials and Historic Cemeteries meet QR Codes

by Karen Fung

I recently took a tour of the Veterans’ Memorials and Historic Cemeteries around town. At each cemetery (six of them) and each Veteran’s Memorial (eighteen of them) are little square stickers containing a Quick-Response (QR) code. This is a 2-dimensional barcode, when scanned, will take you to a website for more information.

The Holliston Historical Society is a repository for information on the Veterans’ Memorials and Historic Cemeteries. Information for veterans was kindly provided by Mr. Jon Varrel from his pamphlet "Holliston Remembers."  Information for the cemeteries was provided by Mr. Paul LeBeau and Ms. Lena Bragg, with some missing information filled in from headstone and vital records data by Ms. Carol Kosicki, Ms. Susan Heavner, and Ms. Mary Curran.

If you haven’t visited our cemeteries or Veterans’ Memorials, please do so and scan the little QR code. You will be pleasantly surprised. You will need a device for scanning (tablet, pad, or smartphone, equipped with a camera), an app (there are several that can be downloaded for free), and access to the internet. For QR apps, search for “QR Code Reader” or “QR Scanner” or “QR Reader”.

Below are photos of two QR codes that you can try!  (You might have to zoom in on the QR code.)

[The author is new to smartphones, “apps” or applications, and QR codes, but is willing to give them a try. The author is also on the web committee at the Holliston Historical Society. If you are interested in becoming a member and joining the web committee, please feel free to contact the Historical Society’s webmaster:]


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The QR codes direct you to the Holliston Historical Society Website under Collections/Research.

Carol | 2016-12-09 09:19:14