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Attention Website Owners

by Matthew Payton

On January 1, 2017, Google’s search engine and its successful browser Google Chrome will begin making a push to implement encryption more widely to better protect its users. As a small business owner in Holliston, this may affect you. Hypertext Transfer Protocol more commonly referred to as HTTP is an application protocol for distributing and collaborating hypermedia information systems. In laymen’s terms this is the language your browser uses when it’s surfing the net, or when prospective consumers access your website to view your products and services.

Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure or HTTPS is a more secure method of handling this same traffic, and its main function is to protect the privacy and integrity of data exchanged between you and the consumers which exchange data when viewing your website. Websites not implementing these technologies will be flagged by Google as possibly insecure, which could affect page rank through Google.

This may all sound very complicated and overwhelming, but not to worry! There are many vendors like GoDaddy which can offer the SSL Certificate that’ll resolve all of these issue for approximately $55.99/year for a single domain. Furthermore many hosts also offer this service, so prior to going elsewhere for these certificates, businesses should contact their current host provider for more information to determine if they’re eligible for a package deal or discount.

Matt Payton is owner of Bit Bull Computer Services, a member of the Holliston Business Association.

Comments (2)

Many hosting providers will offer package deals and other sales during the holiday season, or when renewing services. For those interested Godaddy is having one such promotion throughout Christmas and the New Year. So it may be worth holding off until then, though as the article states it's important to ensure it's finalized prior to the implementation of said policies.

Mathew Payton | 2016-12-14 10:02:21

Interesting that the author's own website is not using the https technology described in the article.

Geoffrey Harm | 2016-12-11 11:46:48