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Picasa Arrives At Funeral Home

by Matthew Payton

I’ve been getting a lot of calls from citizens of Holliston inquiring about Picasa (a picture sharing app) not performing appropriately. As of May 1st 2016 Google began shutting down Web Albums, and on March 15th 2016 Google began to shut down support for the Picasa desktop application. As a result while users may find that the Picasa desktop application still syncs and organize pictures locally, it will no longer support online features and users will discover any new issues which may arise in the future, will go unresolved.

                Therefore I wanted to take a moment and provide two alternatives, for those seeking a stable solution. Flicker while typically considered an image sharing site, provides an entire terabyte of storage in the cloud free of charge when registering for an account. Flicker also provides editing tools driven by Avirary, and while these tools may not suit the professional, they’ll provide the basics most will need. Flicker also provides an Auto Uploader to sync new photos as part of a purchasable Pro Plan.

               Another alternative is Photoshop elements provided by Adobe. It includes a number of features users of Picasa may find familiar, such as facial recognition additionally it provides simplistic uploading for sharing, scrapbook creation, calendars, and more. Photoshop elements is actively supported, and is backed by the editing power of Photoshop, and comes at a price tag of $100.

Matt Payton is owner of Bit Bull Computer Services, a member of the Holliston Business Association -