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Highway Department Installs Green Instead of Black

by Mark Ahronian

November 28, 2016. The Highway Department planted three more hybrid Elm trees today for 2016. We have been planting three trees a year since the program was started three years ago. We are trying to replace the glorious American Elm trees that once graced the streets of Holliston.

             Fresh compost made from our own recycling area is used for planting.

Today we planted three New Harmony hybrid Elm trees resistant to the Dutch Elm disease. One was planted at the Holliston Senior center to try and replace trees that had to be cut down for the parking lot expansion project earlier this year. Another was planted at Stoddard Park near the bathrooms where a tree was cut down a couple of years ago. Another was planted on scenic road Bullard Street to replace one that was cut down a year ago.

            Above, Jim Brewer, a highway department employee, helping Bryan.

We plant them during fall when trees are dormant so that they have all winter to get roots established ready for Spring rain We have not lost a tree yet. Even during the recent drought they are all fairing well.. So far with this new planting we have planted a total of twelve hybrid Elm trees scattered around town including : Blair Park, Church Street, Elm Street, Winter Street. and now at the Senior Center, Stoddard Park, and Bullard Street. We have planted the following hybrid Elm trees  : Liberty Elm, Patriot Elm, Valley Forge Elm, and New Harmony Elm.

Above, Holliston Tree supervisor Bryan Fischer, handling a New Harmony Elm Tree today. Bryan is a certified Mass. Arborist, and a graduate of UMass. He will be taking over my duties as tree warden starting Jan. first of 2017.

We started this Tree planting program as a recommendation from the America In Bloom judges that have visited our town and have marveled at the old growth trees Holliston has grown accustomed to.

The Town of Holliston pays for the new trees each year since the program started. It was requested by the tree warden to be able to use funds from the Tree care budget to start buying trees in order to maintain our scenic character. It should also be noted that the Town of Holliston has donated to Holliston in Bloom over thirty tons of compost for various projects around town, and it is our Town that collects leaves from residents at curb side every fall and then pays to have hired help turn the leaves making a beautiful composted soil for planting around our town.

My best, Tree Warden, Mark Ahronian (MCH )

Comments (4)

Thank you for being our first tree warden in many years. The Holliston Garden Club has been planting at least one tree a year in town for over 50 years, so we are committed to the beauty of trees, the oxygen they give us, and the calming effect they have on the community. Please continue to plant the elms and other trees in town so everyone can benefit.

Carol Holly | 2016-12-01 12:46:00

Looking back, looking forward, attention and care to the details, these are qualities that make us love our town and feel proud to be here. Thank you!!!

Stacie Dowling | 2016-12-01 06:29:48

What an inspiring project! Thank you so much for the update.

Dianna Vosburg | 2016-11-30 05:05:34

Thank you Mark for all that you have done for our town! It is so much more beautiful and green because of you and your efforts!

Kathy shore | 2016-11-30 04:53:41