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Walk on the Rail Trail Planned

by Mary Curran

Above, Marc is showing the group evidence of a deer that had been there before us.  He always finds animal tracks and other interesting sights along any walk.

The flower on the glove is witch hazel, which blooms in the fall around Halloween.  Witch hazel has a number of interesting facts associated with it.  It is known for its astringent properties to heal skin irritations.  The branches of witch hazel were used as divining rods to find underground water for wells into the 20th century.  The shrub is the only one in the North American woods where flowers, leaf buds, and fruit can occur on the plant at the same time.  The seeds explode out of the pods 10-20 feet from the main plant to avoid overcrowding.

Join the Conservation Associates on a fall walk on the Rail trail on Sunday October 30th at 9:00 AM.  We will be walking on a “new” section of the trail towards Sherborn from Lowland Industrial Park.  Please park near Flexhead Industries (#56 Lowland St.) and meet up near where the railroad "tracks" cross the street. Call Mary at 429-5929 for more info.

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Marc's walks are always fun and educational.

Jen Rutter | 2016-10-25 08:31:45